Everytime we are asked about the pacing of «Dead Synchronicity – 1» (please bear in mind that the » – 1″ in the title is provisional) our answer goes the same: «slowly but surely…». We keep progressing, though slower than we would like.

Good news is that everything points to a huge boost after the summer. Meanwhile, and for all of you who want to know more about the current state of «Dead Synchronicity – 1«, we can say that the story, including dialogues, is now completely written. Regardless of the possible changes and cuts here and there -due to financial or schedule reasons- «Dead Synchronicity – 1» will feature:

  • 30 characters
  • 32 locations
  • 55 items
  • 35 cinematics (including both «in-engine» and «off-engine» cinematics)
  • more than 2000 speech sentences (not counting the ones in the cinematics)

Regarding the tools we are using, we have previously written about articy:draft, the story design tool. But, what about the engine?

After considering using 2D point-and-click specific engines such as Wintermute or Visionaire (both are really interesting options), we decided to make our own engine using Unity 3D. We admit that we have been hesitating and trying for months: specific engines are really easy to use and have plenty of options… but, for one reason or another, none of them fulfilled all of our needs. Everyone we asked for advice recommended us using Unity… and yes, it’s an amazingly customizable tool and, furthermore, the ability to export to so many different devices (including Windows/Mac OS/iOS/Android) is awesome.

It may seem a bit odd to use a 3D engine to write a 2D point and click game, but we are not the first (you can check the fun «Fester Mudd» ) and for sure we will not be the last.


So… let’s go back to work!