Since two of the members of Fictiorama belong to Kovalski, a great Spanish rock band (aren’t we a lovely artistic family?), the soundtrack of «Dead Synchronicity» is a matter of vital importance for us. We’ve been working on it since the very inception of the project, and we’ve come to a great deal.

For «Dead Synchronicity» we want to achieve a dying, dark, violent mood (yes… even «slightly gory»). Considering some of the songs by Kovalski exude this stained, rough and disturbing feeling, we have decided both to write new original music and to make instrumental covers of previously written songs.

Therefore, we introduce you the main theme of «Dead Sycnhronicity«, the adaptation of a song by Kovalski, featured in their newest album «Punto de quietud«.

You can listen to the short 2:29 version and to a 3:45 extended version.


[mp3-jplayer tracks=»Dead-Synchronicity-standard-version.mp3″ width=»100%» height=»75px» mods=»y» vol=»75″ pos=»left»]

[mp3-jplayer tracks=»Dead-Synchronicity-extended-version.mp3″ width=»100%» height=»75px» mods=»y» vol=»75″ pos=»left»]


We think the result is great: the theme is dense, dark, even almost out-of-tune in some passages… and suits perfectly the game’s atmosphere. Do you like it?