You are allowed to make gameplay videos of Fictiorama’s games with no prior permission. We would, however, appreciate if you let us know, so that we can we can (proudly) watch you playing our game.

You are allowed to enable advertisements or add further value to videos of games developed by Fictiorama without prior permission (including Youtube and Vimeo).

You are allowed to use promotional assets and logos of Fictiorama’s games and the company itself, without written permission, in video production, print or web in content relative to video games, arts, etcetera (but, of course, not in your own video game or any other kind of non-informational product). You are not allowed to use any stuff in any offensive manner whatsoever.

You may distribute the demos of games by Fictiorama available in this site without prior permission, as long as you don’t charge for it and you state it’s a game developed by Fictiorama Studios. However, any demo which is not available in this site IS NOT a public demo. Hence, if you have access to a demo of a game developed by Fictiorama which is not available in this site, you are not allowed to distribute it.