Cockroach Inc, 2012


1. The artistic concept: absolutely gorgeous. Its handcrafted puppetry-like style automatically awakens a nostalgic feeling of timelessness.

2. The subject: we have our doubts if «The Dream Machine» could be considered one of those trendy «arty» games. However, we’re sure this is not important at all, since what matters most is what a game makes you feel; and this one does make you feel a lot of emotions… «The Dream Machine» talks about living as couple, about relationships, about the persistence of the past, about tough legacies… everything surrounded by the oneiric plot -literally- for which the game is named.


3. The script: we’re not talking about the puzzles themselves (some of which are not amongst our all-time favorites) but about how the plot is told. The way the cold, domestic environment turns into a surrealistic dreamy fantasy is awesome, and we can’t help thinking about films like «The tenant«, or even Kafka’s tales, as clear references.


The team at Cockroach Inc has developed a title that is not suitable for everyone. Its personal style, its weird and subtle sense of humor, and its adult approach to the plot, could be a bit hard for someone looking just to hang out.

On the other hand, that’s what makes this adventure so special. Because, actually, playing «The Dream Machine» is a really intense experience.

So far, the first three chapters of a series of five have been released. And, despite the excess of logical puzzles, and some strange interface design flaws in some occasions… we can’t wait to play the rest of the story.