Pendulo Studios, 2012


1. The sound: just awesome. Both the wonderful musical arrangement both the effects and the dubbing, playing «Yesterday» is a really stunning experience for someone’s ears. The silences, the transitions from one location to another, the wildtracks… everything has been perfectly designed to make the player feel more involved in the story. And it works flawlessly.


2. The interface: practical, unobstrusive and with tiny-great details like the double-clicking to skip the characters walks from one spot to another.



3. The story: although sometimes the player might get a bit confused by all the flashbacks, the turning points, the memories, and so forth… the plot is so ambitious that it deserves all of our credit.

4. The graphics: wether you like or not this kind of pre-rendered 3D characters and backgrounds, the game looks stunning. It’s a symbol of identity of Pendulo Studios from their very beginning and, once again, they live up to our expectations.



Even considering we prefer a more «open» approach (the game is divided into separate episodes, each one consisting of a single location, sometimes just a couple of screens), Pendulo Studios‘ «Yesterday» is a really great game indeed.

It was awarded the «Best Game of the Year Prize» by the National Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences, and it’s got amazing reviews everywhere. It’s a sample of good work made by an experienced Spanish company, one of the few Spanish game companies specializing in graphic adventures.

And, as they work just a few miles from us, it’s a REAL inspiration

Congrats, pals!! 🙂