Harvester Games (2012)


1. The risk: «The Cat Lady» is not a conventional point and click adventure at all. It could even be described as a narrative experiment; an experiment that is constantly playing with the player’s prospects, and talks about subjects really unconventional in this genre: depression, suicide, guilt and redemption. Sprinkle all this with a good amount of violence, sadism… and even canibalism, and you will get the risky game that Remigiusz Michalski has created, leaving behind all the cliches of traditional graphic adventures


2. The look: regarding its look, «The Cat Lady» can’t leave anyone indifferent. Its striking look -a surrealistic mixture of pixel art and photographic collage, featuring both colored and black and white backgrounds- could be part of any David Lynch movie. In fact, art, music and sound effects create a constant thrilling and disturbing feeling, quite unbearable at some moments.


Harvester Games‘ latest game is one of the 2012 most celebrated point and click adventures, and has got great reviews almost everywhere. From our point of view, its approach is too linear and it depends too much on the dialogues as the key element that moves the plot forward; for instance, it sometimes slows down the story with too long conversations.

Even so, we really loved playing «The Cat Lady»: it’s an original, risky, dark, impressive adventure indeed… that will make the adult players enjoy an intense dramatic terror experience.