Some of you have shown your interest in «Dead Synchronicity«, specially on Twitter. Thanks for that, pals! It’s great to feel there are more people out there keen on graphic adventures, and in our project!

In fact, we have received some questions about what «Dead Synchronicity» is about. So far, all we have said is «it’s going to be a slightly gory mixture of sci-fi and thriller / horror» (does that expression sound familiar? Then that’s because you asked us on Twitter!).

Whenever you’re working on something that involves a plot (and a graphic adventure is plot), it’s always hard to find the proper balance between what you tell about the story, and the surprises you might spoil. As instance, when I’m mad about a movie that’s about to be released, I try NOT to see any trailer, since, more usual than not, trailers tell far too much about the movie.

Are you wondering what all this lecture is about? Ok, I’ll finish: from now on, when someone asks us about what our game is about, we have a better answer: «Dead Synchronicity» is about…


A city in ruins. A universe fading away. A world that gets sick and vanishes. No past, no present, no future, just heading for the «Dead Synchronicity» point.

So, what will you do when time dissolves itself?