The Fabulous Fear Machine


Windows (2023)
Published by: AMC Games (supported by Shudder)
Conquer the world with fear!


  • HORROR EVOLVED: plant the seeds of fear in fertile ground. Watch and listen to how the media reacts to your Legends. Feed them, then see them grow more powerful and effective.
  • THE JOB DONE RIGHT: your strength is in strategizing; leave the dirty work to your Agents. Send them to explore new locations and infiltrate your enemies, making interesting choices along the way.
  • AN EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION: rivals and the forces of good alike seek to undo the Machine’s influence for their own ends. Plan accordingly, or you may find your own Legends twisted into inspirational stories, mascots, or other sugary-sweet clichés.
  • THINK GLOBALLY, SCARE LOCALLY:  many Legends are drawn from the unique cultural history of specific countries. Travel the world, and learn what terrors each populace delights in.
  •  A TALE AS OLD AS TIME: Across one playthrough you’ll direct the stories of several Masters operating in different regions of the world. Along the way, explore the history of the Machine, its enemies, and the Agents who aid you.


The Fabulous Fear Machine is a single player narrative-driven strategy game that challenges players to conquer the world through fear. Featuring a retro horror comic style, the game casts the player as a newly minted “Master of the Machine.” To pursue their goals, players must generate and spread fear through the careful cultivation of various Legends—those scary stories, urban myths, and conspiracy theories that lurk in the dark corners of the mind.

The game’s campaign is structured around distinct chapters that follow the exploits of several new Masters, each with their own ambitions. As the player’s power in a home region grows, missions gain an increasingly grand scale, and the pressure from other characters increases. The forces of good fight back by reducing Legends to sanitized fairy tales, and randomly occurring social events force players to modify their strategy constantly.






The Fabulous Fear Machine is supported by and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Program to Promote the Video Games Industry. These grants are co-funded by the Spanish ERDF Pluri-Regional Operative Program (POPE) 2014-2020.