Revolution Software, 1994



1. The initial plot: a twist of the «cyberpunk» universe, with an awesome beginning

2. The graphics: Dave Gibbons drawings, futuristic detailed backgrounds, perfectly depicted characters… a «distinctive look», in a nutshell

3. The characters: well defined, and with a very special sense of humour

4. The ambition: the depiction of a completely fictional universe is always a really huge challenge. Revolution did it, and succeed.

Regardless its quality, «Beneath a Steel Sky» is still very popular nowadays because it’s a quite easy game to find, even for free. We have re-played the old PC version, but you can play a remastered version of «Beneath a Steel Sky» on an iOS device.

In fact, just a few days ago Revolution confirmed that, due to the success of their crowdfunding campaign for the new «Broken Sword» game, they are going to develop a sequel to «Beneath a Steel Sky».

We, as every graphic adventure lover, can’t wait to play it.