Future games, 2007


1. The length: Unlike most of nowadays point and click adventures, «Reprobates» is not one of those games you can finish in just one sitting (well, unless you permanently live in front of the computer… do you? also?). Finishing the game takes more than a few hours, which is something the good adventure players appreciate (more puzzles, more struggling, more fun).


2. The atmosphere: the whole game has a really spooky feeling… The pre-rendered 3d characters play their part perfectly, but the backgrounds take the bow: full of Lynch-like details, featuring a range of dark, cold colors… tremendously terrifying.


3. The story: to be honest, the path from the perplexing beginning to the end is an unique experience. Sometimes, the game may make you feel upset and embarrassed, sometimes it shocks you, and sometimes you hardly understand what’s going on… but it’s worth playing it.

«Reprobates» was another turn of the screw in the history of the defunct Future GamesBlack Mirror», «Nibiru«). Should the puzzles make a bit more sense and the pacing be a little more faster, «Reprobates» could have been a cult masterpiece.

Still, it’s a very interesting tale that’s worth being told.