House on Fire (2013)


1. The uniqueness: from the moment one starts playing «The silent age«, one realizes it is not a common adventure. Its look, perfectly homogenous from the menus to the backgrounds and characters; its soundtrack, full of silences and intriguing wildtracks; its pace, slow and thorough… everything in this game creates an unique, personal mood. And, regardless of one’s likes and dislikes, that’s something good.

2. The texts: just brilliant. The writer’s work is really praiseworthy, as there are so many witty different sentences for interactions, objects, characters… We’ve found ourselves examining an object over and over just to read the collection of descriptions the game has to offer!

3. The «time trick»: if you have played «The silent age«, you will know what we mean; if you haven’t, we will not spoil the surprise. Just let us tell you it’s a completely jaw dropping design idea.


«The silent age – episode 1» has got well-deserved great reviews, and we’ve had a really good time playing it. From our point of view, it’s too linear (the plot is divided into tiny chapters, each of one has to be completed to go on) and, therefore, quite a bit too easy.

But we have to admit we are dying to play the second (and final) episode on our iOS devices. And why is that? Mainly, because House on Fire has developed a well thought-out graphic adventure; and, above all, because it’s different.