Do you want to meet some of the dozens of characters you will find in Do Not Feed The Monkeys later this year? Then stay tuned to this blog and our social media channels. Here go some of them!


Mr. Stattler is just an old, huggable Grandpa who spends his days wrapped in his dressing gown and slippers after a life devoted to breeding puppies. Although sometimes he claims he was a florist. And other times, he says he was a postman. Could it be that he has something to hide about his belligerent past?


What a beautifully graceful animal! Slender and peaceful! Nimble and delicate! She’ll need help avoiding the hunters that would enjoy chasing her…




Mrs. Winnipeg looks like an honorable old lady. She’s a charitable woman, spending her days assisting the poor, and homeless, like a truthful philanthropist. Oh, if only every embezzler was like her!


Beware of the anger from this evil creature, this devilish abomination from hell whose rage will… oh, wait! Is that the expression of a typical demon? Doesn’t it look more like someone excited about his impending fatherhood?