Lots of exciting news in this post!

Firstly, we’re really happy to announce that the release of Do Not Feed the Monkeys is around the corner: late October, so in a couple of months! We’re so glad to release the game we’ve been working on for two years and half now. Yay!


The game is currently in an advanced beta state. So, after several private play-testing sessions in the last months (thanks so much, play-testers, you know who you are!) we’re now polishing things here and there, and finishing the localization process. As you can see in the recently updated Steam page, the game will feature texts in English, Russian, Chinese and Spanish. Since in Do Not Feed the Monkeys words themselves are at the very core of the game’s main mechanics (go on reading to access the demo and you’ll see what we mean!), the localization process is being quite arduous, but we’re very happy with results.

Besides, Alawar Premium, the publisher of the awesome Beholder, is now on board and will publish Do Not Feed the Monkeys. Badland Games and ourselves, as developers, can’t be happier, since we’re sure it’s an excellent opportunity for the game to gain more exposure internationally.

Get access to the closed beta!


Last but not least… if you can’t wait to the release, in a few weeks you’ll have the chance to try a beta demo of Do Not Feed the Monkeys! Just visit the game’s brand new landing page, www.donotfeedthemonkeys.com, and ask for a membership to be admitted in The Private Observation Club.