When we are working on «Dead Synchronicity» we like to be «in the mood» for it: not only to focus on our work, but also to feel as involved in the game as possible. We guess that’s something very common, but what is not that common is to share that experience.

So that’s why we would like to share with you the music we listen to while we work on «Dead Synchronicity«: the music that inspires us here at Fictiorama.

And this is it:


As you can hear, it’s a very varied playlist: from giallo’s soundtracks to David Bowie, from Michael Nyman to Portishead… In fact, this could be «what «Dead Synchronicity» will sound like«.

We will keep updating the playlist quite often, so suscribe to it and/or stay connected to our twitter if you want to know about it…

And by the way, after listening to it… do you feel like running out of time?