You make a living washing dishes and walking dogs. You live in a tiny, ramshackle room. You deal with a parasite neighbor and a relentless landlady.

You’re accepted into the “Primate Observation Private Club”. You know that’s a nickname for a secret organization. You have access to dozens of hacked surveillance cameras and webcams the club provides you with. You must pay for the cameras. You’re told it’s safer to call them «cages». You’re told it’s safer to call the watched people «monkeys». You do.


You must work harder to afford being in the Club. You love to watch monkeys. You sleep less. You want more cages to watch. You work even harder. You want to rise in the Club hierarchy. You want to reach the mythical «Big Primate Cage«.


You are told you can’t interfere with the monkey’s lives.

You cannot feed the monkeys.

You will not.

Will you?


Find it out in the next game by Fictiorama Studios, Do Not Feed the Monkeys, coming in 2017!